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What We Do

Welcome to Automation Integrated, where we deliver the future through technology.

We are dedicated to providing discerning individuals and commercial clients with unparalleled service and cutting-edge technology.

We cover everything from Video and Audio distribution, to CCTV, HVAC & BMS controls, to lighting control and much more.

Our bespoke solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to your unique preferences, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into your luxurious setting and lifestyle. Experience the epitome of quality and personalised service with Automation Integrated.

What People Think

I've worked with Stewart and Mark and can provide any references needed. I've had my own company dealing in automation for over twenty years and have worked alongside many other company's. I believe I can talk with some experience. Stewart and Marks company and their knowledge and attention to detail is the best I've ever come across. The size and varied complexity of the last project we worked together on was amazing to be a part of and the technical achievements were outstanding.Read More