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Welcome to Automation Integrated, the ultimate destination for luxury technology experiences in the UK, Europe, Africa, and the UAE.

Founded by visionary Stewart, with over a decade of expertise in the sector, and his partner Mark, we specialise in unparalleled audio and visual innovations for both residential and commercial sectors.

Our combined expertise elevates ordinary living and working environments into realms of luxury and advanced technology.

Stewart, with ten years dedicated to cutting-edge technology, has emerged as a leading figure in creating memorable technology experiences, laying the groundwork for Automation Integrated.

Mark, with his diverse and international background, complements Stewart’s vision, driving our global expansion and partnership development.

Together, their united passion and global insight deliver unmatched solutions across the diverse and vibrant regions in which they operate, ensuring our clients, whether enhancing homes or workspaces, enjoy the highest standards of innovation and excellence.

Automation Integrated stands apart by transforming spaces into exceptional, sensory experiences, far beyond the ordinary.

What People Think

Excellent job upgrading our network, and running cables very neatly as well as adding cable infrastructure for further upgrades in the future. Network is very stable and super fast.


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